Pager delivers a
doctor in your family healthcare experience

We connect consumers with their trusted care team through chat for better communication, faster access to care and a personalized healthcare experience

Care Team Chat.png

Today, healthcare is too difficult for consumers to navigate alone…


Pager gives consumers access to trusted experts to make healthcare simple


Multi-disciplinary care teams in a single chat for a personalized experience every step of the way


Pager connects consumers with an entire team of nurses, doctors, and experts together for an efficient and personalized care experience


Partnering with healthcare organizations to deliver seamless, tech-enabled services and solutions that address the triple aim

✓ Reduction of ER visits / hospital re-admissions
✓ Increase utilization of single point solutions
✓ Provider network / referral management
✓ Call center efficiency
✓ Proactive consumer engagement
✓ Gaps in care closure