Pager simplifies access to care

Pager offers a single entry point for patients to engage
with intuitive, consumer-focused technology.
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Transforming the patient experience
and controlling medical costs

Pager directs patients to care in the most
convenient and cost-effective setting.

 Our technology and services approach 
sets us apart from the competition

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More than technology

Our technology and services bundle offers
a holistic approach to patient engagement
and care navigation.

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Intelligent chat

Our intelligent, machine learning-powered chat platform leverages clinical and claims data to drive efficient, patient-customized triage.

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Suite of products

Our patient and provider-facing products offer
streamlined care navigation, connecting
patients with the best healthcare options.

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Secure and safe

We enforce HIPAA compliant standards, and our
Security and Privacy team conducts regular audits
to maintain a secure network for our partners.

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Workflow co-development

Pager works with partners to understand their clinical and operational needs, then co-develops workflows and protocols to achieve results.

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Patient marketing

We offer multi-channel marketing as a service, working with partners to tailor messaging and collateral to drive awareness, engagement and repeat usage.

Our Healthcare Partners

Pager delivers its experience to patients in New York and Texas
in partnership with leading health plans and provider networks.
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Our Tech Partners

We work with partners to offer the latest in technology.
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