Transforming the patient experience and controlling medical costs


Pager navigates patients to the most
clinically-appropriate and cost-effective setting.


Our approach combines technology and service

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More than technology

Our technology and services bundle offers a holistic approach to patient engagement and care navigation.

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Intelligent chat

Our intelligent, machine learning-powered chat platform leverages clinical and claims data to drive efficient, personalized triage.

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Suite of products

Our patient- and provider-facing products offer streamlined care navigation, connecting patients with the appropriate healthcare options.

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Secure and safe

We enforce HIPAA-compliant standards, and our Security and Privacy team conducts regular audits to maintain a secure network for our partners.

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Workflow co-development

Pager works with partners to understand their clinical and operational needs, then co-develops workflows and protocols to achieve results.

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Patient marketing

We offer multi-channel marketing services, working with partners to tailor messaging and collateral to drive awareness, engagement and repeat usage.



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