Pager delivers a doctor in your family healthcare experience

Patients can now seamlessly interact with their care team anytime, anywhere, via chat, voice and video.

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Today, healthcare is too difficult for consumers to navigate alone…


Pager brings patients and their care team together in a single chat to make smarter & faster decisions


Teamwork and collaboration every step of the way


A great consumer experience leads to higher engagement, smarter decisions, better outcomes and healthier lives 


“I chatted with Nurse Frances about my excessive headaches, and she recommended going to the emergency room immediately. She may have saved my life - turns out I had meningitis. Her recommendation got me on meds fast enough, so I want to thank her and this system. I think Pager is a great way to be able to ask questions and get immediate answers. From the bottom of my heart, my family and I thank her more than we could ever repay."

44 YOM Springfield, NJ



Market leading NPS

15 sec

Average first response time


Provider match to Tier 1 network

Partnering with healthcare organizations to deliver tech-enabled solutions that address the triple aim

  • Reduction of ER visits / hospital readmissions

  • Increase utilization of single point solutions

  • Provider network / referral management

  • Call center efficiency

  • Proactive consumer engagement

  • Gaps in care closure



Virtual care utilization


Cost savings per chat


Call center productivity enhancement



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“Pager has been an essential element of Horizon’s digital strategy that is providing our members with innovative tools and technologies to make it easier for them to engage with their health and get the care they need.”

Bill Georges

Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer — Horizon Healthcare Services, Inc.


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